Our work

Since we have been concerned about the increase of the number of young homeless people, we conducted research to address the “hidden homeless” problem and try to reach out to those who are in need.
The Young Homeless
The Young Homeless~~
a report from the interviews of young homeless.

Guidebook to way out of the street life~~
how and where to get help you need.


We also run programs to help homeless people to help themselves.

+Outreach program

With the help of many volunteers and other organizations, we have printed and hand out more than 30,000 copies of information booklet for homeless (rojou dashyutu gaido) in Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Nagoya, Fukuoka.
Organize events such as movie-day and Christmas party for homeless people.

+Supporting independent life

We run various program such as free health check, saving, and consultation. We also provide counseling and support on job-hunting.

+Helping to reconnect with the society and regain confidence

We create opportunities for a homeless person to reconnect with the society and regain self-confidence by running programs where they enjoy and have fun with our volunteers. There are activities like football, contemporary dance, music, walking, writing and more...

+Research and advocacy

We conduct research and send out information to raise awareness on homeless issue.

+Involving volunteers

We work with many volunteers who share the dreams to create the society where everyone can have safe and affordable house and hope for the future!


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